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    Trapezius Botox Injections in Boston


    Botox is a well known and trusted neurotoxin that works by relaxing the muscles in the treated area. While these treatments have been used for many years to treat wrinkles, Botox can also be used for shoulder contouring, also known as “Trap Botox”.

    If you are bothered by the appearance of bulky shoulders, or have tension in the shoulders, our Boston trapezius Botox injections are for you! This treatment involves injecting Botox into the trapezius muscle, which can reduce its size and provide temporary relief from pain and discomfort. Not only does trap botox help with reducing pain and functional relief, but it can also elongate your neck and create a straighter, more elegant shoulder contour by slimming overactive, large muscles.


    The trapezius muscles begin at the base of your head and extend down your neck, to the middle of your back and all the way to your shoulders. Overworked trapezius muscles not only house stress, but create the visual effect of bulkier shoulders and additionally, a wider, shorter neck. These muscles are commonly used in everyday activities such as lifting, pulling, and reaching, and can become strained or overused leading to pain and discomfort.


    Botox treatments are quick, easy, and long-lasting. Your Botox treatment for trapezius slimming takes just minutes and the benefits can last 3 to 6 months. In addition, there’s no downtime required and any side effects of treatment are minor. Injecting Botox into the trapezius muscles has both cosmetic and medical benefits, including:

    • Slims overactive trap muscles
    • Improves asymmetry in the shoulders
    • Creates a straighter, more elegant shoulder contour
    • May relieve tension and pain in the shoulders
    • May provide functional improvement

    Who can have Trap Botox for Shoulder Slimming?

    Anyone experiencing overactive trapezius muscles may benefit from trap botox. If you'd like to learn more about our trapezius Botox injections Boston expert injectors at BMA can answer any questions you have during an initial consultation. Call us today!.

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