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    CoolSculpting Elitein Boston

    Boston Medical Aesthetics is proud to be the first provider of CoolSculpting Elite in Boston. With CoolSculpting Elite, you can freeze away stubborn body fat in as little as 35 minutes!

    The Power of Cool

    Early in 2021, Allergan put the aesthetic world on arctic blast with the unveiling of CoolSculpting Elite; the most ambitious innovation to its CoolSculpting service to date. CoolSculpting Elite freezes the fat cells beneath the skin, causing the body to remove the damaged fat cells naturally.

    This innovative system lets your Boston Medical Aesthetics CoolSculpting Elite providers remove between 20-25% of body fat to a given treatment area in a single session without surgery or liposuction. As the fat cells are removed from your body over time, you’ll start to notice a slimmer, trimmer physique.

    Another perk of CoolSculpting Elite is speed. Results from the new system can usually be seen in 6-8 weeks, versus 12 weeks with traditional CoolSculpting. In the hands of our trained providers, that means faster and better results. At BMA, our Boston CoolSculpting Elite experts are graduates of CoolSculpting University and have performed over 4,000 treatments! They look forward to showing you what they can do with this new technology.

    Results from CoolSculpting Elite can last as long as you continue your good habits of exercise and proper diet, making it a potentially permanent way to sculpt your body.

    Twice the CoolSculpting? That’s Elite.

    CoolSculpting Elite’s biggest innovation is a revolutionary new dual applicator system that allows us to target two areas at once. Since each applicator is 18% larger than previous models, that’s more than twice the fat freezing power per session!

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    More Versatility. Less Body Fat.

    CoolSculpting Elite is a proven way to reduce stubborn body fat. The procedure has been cleared by the FDA as a safe way to reduce body fat in nine separate areas:

    • Abdomen
    • Flanks
    • Submental (double chin)
    • Thighs
    • Bra Fat
    • Back Fat
    • Upper arm
    • Submandibular (under the jawline)
    • Banana Roll (underneath the buttock)

    The FDA also cleared CoolSculpting Elite as a way to affect the appearance of skin laxity by treating the area underneath the chin. When CoolSculpting Elite safely damages the fat cells, it also stimulates your body’s healing process. As part of that process, your body increases its production of collagen; a natural skin tightening protein that diminishes with age. By boosting collagen production, CoolSculpting Elite helps your body fight aging and tightens sagging skin while permanently removing body fat.

    CoolSculpting Elite advertisement showing a patient model in athletic clothing

    Doubling Down on CoolSculpting Elite at Boston Medical Aesthetics

    When it comes to your Boston CoolSculpting Elite experience, we feel if two is better than one, then four is better than two. That’s why we are the only Med Spa in Boston to have two CoolSculpting Elite machines.

    By having up to four applicators going at once, we can target multiple areas of the body during a single 35 minute CoolSculpting Elite session. This allows our CoolSculpting Elite specialists to sculpt your personalized plan in a way that gives you jaw-dropping results to multiple problem areas after your first session!

    Chill and Lose Fat

    During CoolSculpting Elite Boston Medical Aesthetics' specialists will place the applicators on the treatment areas to target your stubborn body fat with controlled cooling. You may feel a slight pinch, or possibly the tingling or a stinging of intense cold initially, but these sensations fade as your skin becomes numb.

    After that, you can sit back and relax while CoolSculpting Elite takes care of the rest. Some patients bring a book, work on their laptop, watch Netflix, or even take a quick nap during their treatment. There is no downtime following CoolSculpting Elite, and most patients are able to immediately go back to their daily routines.

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    Discover TriSculpt & QuadSculpt in Boston

    To give you the best experience with our Coolsculpting treatments, we are taking it up a notch by offering TriSculpt and QuadSculpt sessions at Boston Medical Aesthetics. Freeze away even more stubborn and unwanted fat by targeting more areas of your body in the same session!

    boston coolsculpting patient model receiving treatment with a med spa professional

    What is Trisculpt and Quadsculpt?


    While you relax in our comfortable med spa facilities in Boston, the TriSculpt applicators target three areas of your body at one time as your fat melts away.


    Maximize your time by targeting up to four problem areas at once to remove and melt away your fat.

    Both TriSculpt and QuadSculpt Boston CoolSculpting treatments can target the following areas:

    • Arms
    • Back
    • Thighs
    • Flanks
    • Upper abdomen
    • Lower abdomen
    • Double chin

    The Procedure

    The CoolSculpting applicators target your trouble areas. Then, using a controlled cooling device, the CoolSculpting machine targets your unwanted fat cells with intense cold (without damaging the rest of your skin). Over the next few weeks, your body naturally eliminates the damaged fat as waste. Your TriSculpt or QuadSculpt sessions may take up to a few hours, depending on the number of areas you want to treat.

    Increase your fat elimination

    Maximize your time by adding Trisculpt or QuadSculpt by Boston Medical Aesthetics to your next CoolSculpting treatment. Target more areas of fat now for a slimmer and more toned physique later.

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    Call Boston Medical Aesthetics for TriSculpt or QuadSculpt Consultation Today

    Add CoolSculpting to improve the effectiveness of your healthy diet and consistent exercise routine. Keep up your great work and elevate your health and fitness results by targeting those stubborn areas of fat with CoolSculpting, TriSculpting, and QuadSculpting. Call one of our aesthetic specialists at our Boston med spa for a TriSculpt or QuadSculpt consultation today.

    Note: Body Fat Reduction is not Weight Loss

    One of the common misconceptions about CoolSculpting (and now, CoolSculpting Elite) is that the process can be used as a tool for weight loss instead of proper nutrition and exercise. While CoolSculpting Elite is an FDA cleared treatment for fat reduction, it is not a weight-loss procedure.

    CoolSculpting Elite is designed to help patients who are near their ideal weight shed the stubborn body fat that is keeping them from their ideal shape. It does not replace diet and exercise.

    During your consultation for CoolSculpting Elite at Boston Medical Aesthetics, we will assess your health and your fitness progress and help you determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting Elite. We want to do whatever we can to make sure you get the results you want from your procedure.

    Elite Results with Each Treatment

    You may see results between one and three months following your initial treatment. However, most of our Boston CoolSculpting Elite patients prefer to get multiple treatments to maximize their results. Note that when you choose CoolSculpting Elite, you will see your results in almost half the time as traditional CoolSculpting, so start looking for a gradual slimming about 6-8 weeks after your first treatment.

    When you come in for a consultation, you will meet with our CoolSculpting Elite providers and explain exactly what kind of results you would like to see from your treatment. From there, our providers will create a detailed treatment plan that helps you achieve those results. At Boston Medical Aesthetics we strive to deliver the best CoolSculpting Elite Boston has to offer.

    Don’t let stubborn body fat keep you from your Elite body! Schedule your consultation today for CoolSculpting Elite in Boston at Boston Medical Aesthetics.

    A Coolsculpting Elite testimonial

    Boston Medical Aesthetics offers complimentary, no-pressure consultations. Book your appointment online to experience the best medspa experience Boston has to offer today.

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