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    Fine Linesin Boston

    Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed early signs of facial aging? If you can’t pinpoint the problem, but you know you look older, take a closer look. Fine lines might be to blame for an aging appearance.

    When you reach your late 20s and early 30s, fine lines start to form in the skin, also called dynamic wrinkles, these lines occur due to repeated facial expressions that you are constantly making over the course of your life. Fine wrinkles are common on the most expressive parts of the face, such as around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

    It’s not possible to stop making facial expressions. However, it is possible to treat expression lines. And the solution is surprisingly simple. At Boston Medical Aesthetics, we treat fine lines with a range of dermal fillers and muscle relaxant injections. In just minutes, you can reverse early signs of skin aging and say goodbye to fine lines with no downtime.

    Am I a Candidate for Fine Lines Treatment?

    Treating fine lines is the top reason patients come in for cosmetic injectables. Since fine lines are one of the earliest signs of skin aging, it is no surprise that men and women alike consider facial injections.

    Our discreet and knowledgeable facial injector, Jennifer Canesi, APN-BC, is a board-certified advanced nurse practitioner. She has been performing cosmetic injections for nearly a decade and has helped countless men and women maintain and enhance their appearance. When you look good, you feel good! Wrinkle injections are simply a tool to make you look like yourself, only better.

    Jennifer starts the consultation by listening to your concerns. She will then conduct a skin examination. You may be asked to make different facial expressions, such as raising your eyebrows or frowning, to help determine precisely which wrinkles to target. Together, you will decide on the treatment that is best to soften fine lines.

    Fine Lines Boston

    What is it Like Getting Treatment for Fine Lines?

    Many of our Boston fine lines treatment patients can get treated the same day as the consult. If you are new to wrinkle injections, Jennifer will answer all of your questions and make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Injecting Botox or Dysport often takes less than 10 minutes and is nearly painless. Dermal fillers are also quick and well-tolerated. All of our dermal fillers have lidocaine (a local anesthetic) mixed in to make the procedure even more comfortable.

    Fine Lines Can Develop Anywhere on the Face

    What causes fine lines? The main reason is aging skin. Collagen and elastin production slows down dramatically at approximately age 30. Unfortunately, the skin produces less and less as each year passes. Genetics, lifestyle factors such as smoking, and dry skin can make matters worse. If not treated, those faint expression lines will eventually turn into deep wrinkles and folds.

    Dermal fillers and muscle relaxants (such as Botox or Dysport) can easily correct fine lines for fresher, rejuvenated skin. One simple treatment can take years off your appearance.

    Wrinkle injections can soften or eliminate fine lines in the following areas:

    • Forehead lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Laugh lines
    • Brow furrows (11 lines)
    • Bunny lines
    • And more
    • Vertical lip lines (aka “smoker’s lines”)

    Best Treatments for Fine Line Reduction

    There are many cosmetic injectables to treat fine lines. The most common fine line treatments include facial fillers and muscle relaxants such as:

    Botox and Dysport are the gold standards for treating expression lines in the upper third of the face. Dermal fillers are more suitable for the middle to lower third of the face. Our lead facial injector will assist you in choosing the best wrinkle treatments Boston has to offer for an optimal result.

    Fine Lines Boston

    Treating Fine Lines FAQs

    Wrinkle injections are an attractive solution because there is no downtime. Dermal fillers provide instant results, while muscle relaxants like Botox and Dysport take two weeks to see full results.

    Side effects may include temporary redness, headache, and lumps, tenderness, or swelling at the injection site. Most side effects are mild and will subside in minutes to hours after treatment. Rare, but serious, side effects may occur. You will be advised of all risks prior to the procedure.

    This can vary depending on the wrinkle injection treatment that is selected. In many patients, injectables like Botox and Dysport can last 3-6 months for expression lines. Dermal fillers tend to last longer.

    Fight Fine Lines & Rejuvenate Your Face in Minutes

    Meet with Jennifer Canesi, APN-BC for a complimentary consultation to determine if wrinkle injections are suitable for you. Call Boston Medical Aesthetics at (617) 973-9700 or fill out our contact form to learn more. We look forward to meeting you.

    Boston Medical Aesthetics offers complimentary, no-pressure consultations. Book your appointment online to experience the best medspa experience Boston has to offer today.

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